Published: 18 February 2014
Written by Adam Kelsall


1. RACING – The Granite Grind - grass roots racing at its best. Organized by the local Murrindindi cycle club -  locals who love where they live, and love having visitors to show it off to. This year the Granite Grind offers a cross country race with 1 lap or 3 laps (solo), or 6 lap (pairs only) options. The course starts with a climb and once your at the top boof it into the big

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Published: 16 January 2014
Written by Evan James

With 5 years plus of experience in running National Series and National Championship events, the consortium of Adelaide MTB Club and Inside Line are well on track to deliver a great event.

Eagle Park is a disused quarry that has been converted into a MTB park. The terrain is dry, loose, sandy, dusty, rocky and in many areas steep, all of which combine to make a tough and challenging XCO course.

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Published: 17 December 2013
Written by Stephen McGreesh


The Wild Horizons Epic Trails NZ Tour

Day 0

Late one Tuesday afternoon in November saw 10 varied, but eager riders shaking hands, exchanging names and generally milling about in the driveway of a motel in Rotorua. We were all here for the Wild Horizons “Epic Trails NZ” tour and what a week was in store for us.

Our fearless leaders for the week, Danien and Huw, called us together

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Published: 26 November 2013
Written by Frankie Sanders

Imagine a place with some of the sweetest single track you’ve possibly ridden, crank up the intensity and effort required, stick it on some of the most spectacular mountains in Australia, and Mt Buller comes in top of the list.

 It boasts everything from easy loops around the resort with great views, to downhill ‘hang-on-athons’ with great views, to stunning kilometers and

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Published: 11 November 2013
Written by Adam Kelsall

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Published: 05 August 2013
Written by Nigel Muscroft

Nigel Muscroft absolutely rips the bag in the long wally right hand waves of the surfcoast...a bloke who would describe himself predominatly as a surfer he has taken to the ocean ski, the mountain bike and the runners as a way to keep fit and sharp in those times where wind, swell, tide and work dont align to get amongst the waves...

After knocking over a couple of 10hour Ironmans Nige is now

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Published: 18 July 2013
Written by Pez
photo 1 copy 2

Most peeps get a fair kick of joy out of completing a city marathon. Heck its a great way to see a city and complete a genuinely difficult challenge. But thats not Peri Gray's bag. Hailing from the Surf Coast Peri gave up on- road events a long ago and now gets her smiles out of offroad events - Adventure racing, X-Terra etc she is a fearsome competitor whatever event she targets. Recently Pez

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