Published: 26 February 2014
Written by Adam Kelsall
Glen JacobsFacebook

Full Name: Glen Jacobs

Philosophy of life: Never stop dreaming, keep searching for a better way, elevate and support friends, 

Books: Not a huge reader at all, so nothing jumps out.

Sports: Mountain biking, Waterfall hunting, Mountain climbing, Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Rapid Tubing, Moto Bikes

Bikes: 2014 Specialized S-Works Enduro 2014 S-Works Demo 8.

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Published: 05 February 2014
Written by Scott Nicholas

Scott Nicoholas is an athletic beast. His marathon running PB is 2:18. On the Mountain Bike he dominates almost all of the strava segments between Torquay and Anglesea and further. But there's more to it than that. For Scott running and Mountain Biking provide rythm and flow and a means to get into the world.  A world that he likes to capture from a unique perspective through

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Published: 27 November 2013
Written by Adam Kelsall

Emma Best is a Brisvegas based bike artisan. Last night Emma launched Bike Bestie "The idea is to create, inspire and encourage more people to get out the bicycles and express themselves through these beautiful fun filled machines." Check out Emma's website here or the beautiful vid below

Bike Bestie from Bike Bestie on Vimeo.

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Published: 12 August 2013
Written by Ryan Moody

Full Name
Ryan James Moody

Philosophy of life
Life is better when you pedal (or run/ ski/ climb) your way through it.
Life is for living.
Have fun.

I'm not a huge reader, but when I do it's always non-fiction, biographies, instructional guides, technical manuals, guide books, maps.  These usually have a outdoor spin on them, mountaineering tails, climbing guide books, stories

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Published: 01 August 2013
Written by David Macdonal

Bike and bagpipes, are they really that different?

Weʼve all heard the saying that if you can make a career doing something you love then youʼll never work a day in your life. Fortunately for me I am one of these lucky people. Alas it doesnʼt make me a pro cyclist, it makes me a professional piper. Iʼm sure many people can remember as a youngster sitting in the last class of

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Published: 16 May 2013
Written by Adam Kelsall

Choosing from your own works What are your five favorite images and please be so kind as to tell us the story behind each one:-)

This is one of the first images I took when I first went digital back in 2005, it was also one of the first times I had shot moving objects, I started out shooting landscape and switched to sport a year or so later, my good friends are heavily involved in Rodeos and I

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Published: 16 May 2013
Written by Adam Kelsall

Full Name(yep middle name as well:-)

Kathryn Feldmaier, my parents were not creative enough to think up a middle name for me so I went without, although, as most of my friends in primary school had middle names I did pretend for a while that my middle name was Anne, clearly I was not creative as a young'n!

Philosophy of life?

Pretty much like the words from the song 'Because I love you' by The

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