Peta - Odyssey

The stats

Number of times run – 11

Previous winnners

Male – Murray Spink, Jblood x 6, Adrian Jackson, Lachie Norris, Chris Hamilton

Female – Tory Thomas, Jennifer Smith, Katherine O’Shea, Judith Arndt, Peta Mullens x 3, Renata Bucher, Rebecca Locke, Jenni King

Course Record – Chris Hamilton (4:18:20)

-       Peta Mullens (5:06:14)

Length – 98km

Vert - 2350m

Weather – Partly Cloudy – Min 10, Max 21

Fearless Predictions

Women – A race in three between Peta Mullens, Renata Bucher and Rebecca Locke.

Peta has won three times and holds the course record. However she has been beaten by both Bec and Renata at this race in the past.

Herodirtblog selects Peta for the win. She has been doing bulk road kilometers to prepare for an American road season for easily the hardest named team in pro cycling to say five times quickly -  Hagens Berman Supermint. Peta has mad tech skills and dirt is her favorite so the lack of it lately will have her frothing for 100kms of it!

The other two have some question marks…


Renata – The Swaussie (Swiss Aussie) rocket has been doing the kilometer’s (100km on dirt last weekend). Her tech skills are better than all the girls in the field and is probably the most experienced competitor having raced international X-terra for as long as the Matterhorn has been a mountain.  But the question mark over rocket is how much volume has she been doing in the pool and running and will that deaden her legs? If the volumes been been low and the bikes been the focus she will be on fire!!


Bec – Firey (fire fighter, not by natureJ) Melbournian loves the Odyssey and always does well here! Has had a great winter becoming Aussie CX champ and then racing CX Worlds and more recently in Japan. CX is a very focused 1hour effort and Bec wouldn’t have been doing a lot of the long stuff in training, hence some question marks about her stayablity but news just to hand is Bec has pulled out with injuryL



JBlood – the six time champ’s incredible run of wins came to an end last year following storming rides from the next generation in Chris Hamilton and Tasman Nankervis who took 1,2 ahead of Chris J in 3rd.

Unfortunately, Chris J is also out injured and wont represent this year. Chris Hamilton has crossed to the dark side and will be racing road for Giant Sunweb and will miss this years Odyssey, instead sucking eggs in sunny Girona. Poor Guy

Tasman Gallery

From last years protagonists that leaves Tasman Nankervis as Herodirt’s favorite. The Bendigo lad is flying, 3rd at the Mt Taylor National round two weekends ago after leading the first few laps. 1st last weekend at Sundays state round after a 150km road ride the day before it’s hard to see Tas being beaten, except maybe by one very dark horse.


Steele Von Hoffe – Wait, isn’t he a roady? Yep and for a guy coming off the pro conti tour a 100km ride is no trouble at all. Will the tech bother him? Nope he spent a few years ripping up Mountain Bike races for Team Torq at XCO National Rounds and champs. Definitely a dark horse and could ride away with the win.

Other Dark Horses

Adrian Jackson and Scott Nicholas if he races.  

Can’t wait to see what unfolds. Herodirt blog will be MCing the Odyssey along with Norm Douglas so if you wanna come up and good naturedly heckle me about my picks I will see you thereJ

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