Tristan excited - 

1.Racing a World Cup
2. Seeing all the fast boys, Nino , Absalon
3. Time off work
4. Having a swimming pool
5. Smoking cigars at the after party with Trent

Holly Harris green and gold

Holly Harris - Proud to wear the green and gold hoops on the Oceania Champs podium. Pic thanks to Barking Cat Photography 


Holly Excited

1. Riding Jacobs ladder for the first time!

2. Getting my bike completely tricked out by the guys at SRAM !

3. Hanging out with the Torq team for the weekend.

4. The non stop party provided by Disco Dean.(Team Torque head honcho)

5. Dean's signature pasta.

Tristan pants pooping...

1. Jacobs ladder until I rode it

2. Staying in the same room as holly

3. Crocodiles

4. Getting lapped out

5. Being slower then the girls

Holly pooing pants...

-Getting molested in my sleep by Tristan.


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