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Luckily for me, and my love for mountain biking, the gravity gods blessed my hometown of Redhill.  At Red Hill, what goes up must certainly come down and what goes down must certainly come up. As all mountain bikers know, gravity equals tonnes of fun.

Fortunately, I have a red weapon in my possession that can handle both superbly. The 2016 27.5 carbon Norco Sight 7.2 is my choice of the year when it comes to all mountain style bikes and it’s a perfect for me and where I live.

The efficiency of this bike is great and I found that, even after having six weeks off the bike, I was able to climb the steepest of hills at Red Hill. It also has great acceleration. You know when you’ve got heavy legs and it feels as if you’re riding through thick, boggy mud?

Or you have that sibling who is always trying to beat you latched onto your back wheel pulling you backwards? Maybe that’s just me. But since riding my Sight I have not experienced that due to it’s ability to, quite simply, “go.”

As for the downhills, and my favourite aspect of riding a bike, the Sight is purely just fun.

The first thing I noticed was how playful I found it. I didn’t feel as if I were just a passenger, and noted the bike’s control, and willingness to be manoeuvred. Sight frames are designed with 'Gravity Tune' optimized mountain bike geometry to guarantee that weight is optimally distributed no matter what size the bike or rider is.

Being 6 foot 1, I ride a large, and I’ve noticed the increased handling ability of the bike. And when you’re flying down a hill, who doesn’t love the feeling of control? The bike also has an ability to “soak” up roots, rocks and other bumps, giving you that ideal fantasy of being as smooth as some of the top World Cup racers.

One of my other, favourite things about this bike (amongst many) is that it is very quiet.

Ultimately, it is the perfect bike to accommodate for technical up hills and downhills. Its bright, striking red is truly a 'Sight' to be seen (I had to include that pun in somewhere) leaving you smiling while admiring the bike, as well as whilst riding it.

Although we have only just met, it was love at first 'Sight' (last one I promise) and I can’t wait for our relationship to grow as we tackle more trails together.

Thank you to Matt Swann at Life Of Bikes and Norco Bicycles Australia for setting me up with such an awesome ride. And thanks to you guys for reading my first ever bike review!

Ellie Wale

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